What proof exist that the chemical application is not harmful to the environment? I’m struggling to believe the application would not be harmful to a landfill.

As per the ecotoxicological studies conducted in partnership with our manufacturer, our nanosilica product is:

  1. Quickly biodegradable
  2. Has no bioaccumulation potential (unlike what’s called “forever chemicals” like Teflon or PFOAs)
  3. Presents no harm for aquatic organisms

(See GoNano MSDS, p.5)

Furthermore, we know according to the “Green Chemistry Evaluator” nanosilica scientific index that our formula of nanosilica (which is close to “silica gel” used for coatings and “fumed silica” used for reinforcing fillers) is categorized as having “excellent greenness score” or “good greenness score” and being “very green” or “green”.

(See Table 1, p.3 of “A Comparison of Environmental Impact of Various Silicas”)

No, GoNano does not void any of the current shingle manufacturer warranties (we have tasked our law firm to assess this question legally for every main shingle manufacturer (IKO, Owens Corning, BP, GAF)).

Shingle manufacturer warranties state that warranties shall be void only if shingles endure damages following cleaning or protecting agents. This mainly concerns soft washing services (which use abrasive agents to clean algae).

Nanosilica is, well, very far from damaging shingles as scientifically demonstrated extensively through our standard testing with both UL Standards and IBHS.

Nanosilica enhances bitumen’s mechanical properties and asphalt’s color, as demonstrated through the last 15 years of peer reviewed scientific studies and testing on asphalt pavements, and as demonstrated by our applications on more than 500 customers over the last 3 years in Canada and US.

Customers interviewed after 2 and 3 years state that the “roof looks younger” or “fresher”, and that “the color was brought back” (for older roofs).

Nanosilica is a translucid solution that protects color of young roofs significantly longer, while regenerating and bringing back color of older roofs.

The science conducted on nanosilica enhanced asphalt pavements spans already 15 years back and is grounded in hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies and testing conducted throughout the world by major scientific institutions like the American Civil Engineer Society. It is overwhelmingly shown to “increase significantly anti aging performance and overall durability” of asphalt.

(See GoNano Science and Technology).

GoNano has conducted a scientific study on asphalt shingles and SBS/elastomeric membranes, demonstrating the same effects on mechanical properties of asphalt shingles and “significantly increasing their durability.

As per the exact number of added years, they will vary depending on weather conditions, state of the roof, and type of shingles, but are estimated between 10 to 20 years of added lifespan. We therefor act within probabilistic boundaries by fully warrantying 10 to 15 years per one application.

As per IBHS, their in-lab testing is sufficing scientifically exclusively the
underwriting of insurance policies for US insurance companies for the concerned standards.

For example, their rating index of shingle’s impact resistance is the basis of US insurance companies for determining adapted coverages and (substantial) insurance premium reductions landed to customers depending on IBHS’s impact resistance rating of the shingles they select for their home.

As discussed with IBHS engineers, though, even if we were to test Wind Performance extensively, like it was done for GoNano enhanced shingle impact resistance (and on top of what was done already and extensively with UL Standards), and have scientifically reliable standard testing for measuring the increased water infiltration resistance of GoNano’s nanosilica application (which does not exist), the isolation and individual methodological reduction of each weather variable in in-lab testing would still not account for real world insurance cost reductions.

Real world conditions will have all the 3 weather factors combining to form dynamics which cannot be accounted for in-lab testing and methodological lab variable reductions.

Hence, to have a reliable measurement of insurance costs reductions generated by the application of nanosilica on residential asphalt shingle roofs, real world studies are scientifically necessary to observe the combined effect on increased 1. Impact resistance 2. Wind resistance and 3. Water infiltration resistance and quantify the real insurance costs reductions.

The nanosilica formula used for asphalt shingle roofs is also used for “torch down”/EPDM membranes for commercial use, and wood surfaces (decks, fences, etc).

GoNano also commercializes another formula for concrete applications.

Nanosilica interacts and amplifies bitumen’s molecular bonds: the younger the shingles, the more bitumen, the more new molecular bonds created by nanosilica, the greater the mechanical properties’ enhancement = the more added lifespan. And the inverse.

Aviva’s customer service:
For questions pertaining to Aviva’s role in the pilot test, future adapted insurance coverage and premium reduction incentives.

GoNano’s customer service:
For any question surrounding the benefits of the service and the technology, the installation, the follow up, the warranty, the post-service or any other question pertaining GoNano’s service and/or technology.

The fundamental and primary benefit and economical interest for homeowners concerns added lifespan: as it is scientifically established for asphalt roads, the application of nanosilica “can be used to construct durable (pavement), therefor reduce the lifecycle cost of the (pavement)”; reposition this with asphalt shingle roof.

(See GoNano Science and Technology, p.4)

A GoNano nanosilica application corresponds in average to 15-25% of the cost of a complete reroof (1$-1.30$/sqft for GoNano VS 4$-7$/sqft for a current average complete reroof cost), and adds 70%-100% of lifespan (+10-15 year).

Homeowners therefore save in average 100% lifespan – 20% of GoNano cost
= 80% of their roof maintenance cost.

Hence, as we are already seeing throughout the North American market, educated homeowners have a significant economic interest in investing in protecting their shingle roof at 20% of its cost, to save 80% of their future roofing maintenance cost.

When combined with esthetical advantages generated by the technology that relates to A. Cleaning and preventing Algae, B. Protecting color, C. Helping evacuation of snow and ice and D. Keeping granules out of gutters and sidings, this explains the important market demand that GoNano experiences both in Canada and US after only 2 years of commercialization.

It therefore excludes any additional technological advantages pertaining A. Hailstorm resistance B. Wind resistance and C. Water infiltration resistance.

A. Hailstorm resistance:

It was established by ICLR that, at $1.88/sqft of additional cost to opt for a Class 4 shingle, Canadian homeowners from coast to coast will see a positive cost effectiveness ratio of at least 1 to 1 with the reduction in risk of hail damages and related insurance costs (that’s right, even outside the Canadian hailstorm belt in the Ouest, homeowners in all Provinces of Canada will save more money than they invest for a Class 4 at $1.88/sqft).

ICLR establishes that Canadian homeowners in the Canadian Hailstorm belt will see a 3 to 1 cost effectiveness ratio for opting for a Class 4, corresponding to savings of 5.64$/sqft when upgrading for a Class 4 roof at the average additional cost per sqft of $1.88.

(See Benefit-cost-analysis-of-Impact-resistant-asphalt-shingle-roofing)

It is scientifically established that:

1. Unrated shingles treated once with nanosilica will see a reduction of approximately 70% in risk of failure against the highest hailstorm category (Class 4; 2 inch hailstones)
2. Class 1 shingles treated once will systematically withstand and pass a Class 3 Hailstorm category (1.75 inch hailstone)
3. Class 1 shingles treated twice will systematically withstand and pass a Class 4 Hailstorm category
4. Unrated and Class 4 shingles will see an important improvement in granular adhesion
5. Unrated and Class 4 shingles will see an important to significant improvement in tear score

(See “UL Standards – 1rst Hailstorm test – IKO Class 1”, p.6; “UL Standards – 2nd Hailstorm test + 1rst Wind Test – GAF Unrated”, p.6 and “IBHS and GoNano – 1rst testing Phase – Results”)

Therefore, since a 2 treatment is priced by GoNano Corporate at $1.10/sqft to bring non hailstorm resistant shingles into Class 4 hail resistant shingles, the cost effectiveness ratio of opting for transforming current non hail resistant roof into a Class 4 hail resistant roof for

1. All Canadian homeowners outside the Hailstorm belt is 1.7 to 1
2. All Canadian homeowners inside the Hailstorm belt is 5 to 1.

Furthermore, ICLR indicates importantly that the 1 to 1 and 3 to 1 cost effectiveness ratios for Class 4 hail resistant roofs are current, and that it is scientifically established that Climate Change will worsen hailstorms (frequency, intensity, regional scope), deepening and increasing further the cost effectiveness ratio for Canadian homeowners both inside and outside the Canadian hailstorm belt.

Lastly and importantly, nanosilica offers the possibility of acting preventively to transform non-impact resistant roofs into impact resistant roofs and reach positive economic return with (greater) hailstorm cost reduction savings, instead of investing in a Class 3 or 4 shingle after irreversible damage is done to the roof, scenario in which the absorption of the roof’s cost falls on the insurance industry and the residential market.

(See Benefit-cost-analysis-of-Impact-resistant-asphalt-shingle-roofing)

Conclusively, wind resistance and water infiltration resistance are left out of the present insurance and market costs calculus, as they cannot be quantified (at least as easily) in their cost reduction impact, but are adding up on top of A. Increased lifespan and B. Increased Impact resistance.

It is therefore established that savings and cost effectiveness ratios will be greater, as we know that:

B. Wind Resistance:

ASTM D3161 testing established that nanosilica:

1. Applied once on 60mph Wind Rated shingles will transform them into 110mph Wind Resistant shingles
2. Applied twice on 60mph Wind Rated shingles has an even greater Wind resistance increase, but has yet to be quantified (UL Standards test of 130mph is a mechanical pull, and since GoNano shingles are much more flexible, their standard test was non applicable and couldn’t produce data).

(See “UL Standards – 2nd Hailstorm test + 1rst Wind Test – GAF Unrated”, p.17 and “UL Standards – 2nd Wind Test – OC 60mph rated”, p.6)

C. Water infiltration resistance:

Asphalt substrates end up experiencing micro-cracking with their aging process. For asphalt shingles, this ultimately leads to water infiltrations when shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan (in average 10-15 years). By enhancing the molecular structure of asphalt durably for a greater anti-aging performance and overall durability, and with the combination of its hydrophobic effect, nanosilica reduces by 2 mechanisms the risks of water infiltrations (as was already observed within our customer base both in residential shingle roofs and commercial SBS membranes).

GoNano therefore also reduces risks and costs associated with water infiltrations.

In conclusion, and as discussed previously, only real world studies will be able to determine the full extent of insurance costs reductions pertaining roof damages caused by 1. Hailstorms 2. Great winds and 3. Water infiltrations as both 3 factors will combine and form dynamics that cannot be accounted for with in-lab isolated weather variable testing, and act as an actuarial data basis for an economic model.

A concerted effort of actuarial and economic analysis will have to be conducted between GoNano, Aviva and possibly ICLR to determine the best market incentive strategy for reaching an optimum between Aviva/ the insurance industry cost-revenue and the number of protected residential homeowners.

It takes 1 treatment, but 2 treatments will increase further the 1. Hailstorm resistance 2. Wind Resistance and 3. Water infiltration resistance. 4. Hypothetically lifespan (2 applications have not been scientifically tested yet but is in the cards).

All scientific data and standard testing conducted by both UL Standards and IBHS concerning Hail resistance is the actual basis of underwriting policies for every US insurance companies concerning shingles.

For instance, a Class 4 shingle does not mean it will last forever, at the contrary, hence the will of IBHS to test GoNano on Class 4 shingles for US insurance companies, because even Class 4 shingles are, according to IBHS, “only lasting a couple years under the most intensive parts of the US Hailstorm Belt”.

Therefore, no warranties currently exist in the shingle manufacturing industry and insurance industry for hailstorm resistant shingles. As to why, this is a question that far greater experts than us can explain, like ICLR or IBHS.

Consequently GoNano, or shingle manufacturers, or insurers, cannot guarantee impact resistant roofing materials.

It is applied with the equivalent of a liquid sprayer used for pesticides. Overspray does not damage anything, from sidings to gutters to windows or plants (in fact, we were initially applying it on windows, and we are applying it on concrete sidings or driveways and wood decks), but the treatment must be applied uniformly.

Leaving little droplets fall on the siding or driveway without covering it uniformly will leave somewhat of a visible difference because of the hydrophobic and cleaning effect of nanosilica (the unintended treated surface will repel water and hence be visibly observable compared to untreated parts). Therefore, we do cover gutters or sidings for high pitch roofs, indeed.

(See Gonano.com, Dealer section; at the top you will find a video of an application)

Class 2 is 1.5 inch, Class 3 is 1.75 inch and Class 4 is 2 inch. See Question 12.

This question should perhaps be deepened with ICLR and their Chief Engineer Dr. Porter, which published a report on the matter in March 2022.

(See Benefit-cost-analysis-of-Impact-resistant-asphalt-shingle-roofing)

The Pilot Test Model that seems to have been selected is the later, with Aviva and GoNano absorbing the entire cost of the Pilot Test project.

A legal work will be done, formalized, and signed by GoNano to insure the full legal responsibility of GoNano for every case scenario, including hypothetical roof damages that GoNano would be sole responsible for covering.

But, it has to be noted that we have a significant cashflow with very low human resources, excessive stock inventory, and are now eligible for loans and grants that we are on the way to obtaining for further investing in the company (namely securing supply chain by building a Canadian plant, which is already in the making with Quebec Investment and our international manufacturing partner currently working together towards that end).

Furthermore, we have multiplied our annualized revenues by approx.. 10 times for the last 6 months compared with year 1, and our growth curve keeps on accelerating, due in part with the developments and scientific discoveries of IBHS and UL testing and what we are currently doing concerning partnerships with the insurance industry.

Finally, our industry focuses on making homeowners avoid costly reroofs, and is therefore a “savings-substitute-good”, which is a type of service thriving in an environment of economic downturn.

The risk of failure is therefore (extremely) unprobabilistic.

One treatment will increase residential roofs’ lifespan by 10 to 15 years, and therefore does not need to be applied again, though we could increase even further the added lifespan by applying a second treatment halfway through the established added lifespan for the roof in question (though again, no scientific testing was conducted on the lifespan effect of 2 treatments, but that is also currently in development).

No, nanosilica does not change fire susceptibility, as tested by UL Standards under Fire standard UL790 (Class A shingles remain Class A).

(See UL Standards – Fireproofing – Standard 790)

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