Gonano Protek Concrete



Protect your concrete with the most advance deep penetrating coating. It’s breathable, clear, hydrophobic, and protect from
water and salt damage. Also, it provides an exceptional organic growth resistance.

With the latest advances in nanotechnology, we can now offer a sustainable solution for concrete construction.

Once applied the change of the surface tension creates a surface environment that is hydrophobic forming an effective shield that aides in a dramatic reduction of chloride ion ingress (salt intrusion) that aides in a dramatic reduction of chloride ion ingress (salt intrusion) that cause many structural damage to structure.

The coating is clear leaving the concrete appearance completely natural.

Ressistance Against:  Water, salt, UV and organic growth.

Colour: Transparent

Efficacity: 12-15 years

Composition: Proprietary blend of nano particules of silane & siloxane.


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  • Composition – Using a proprietary blend of nanotechnology particules of silane & siloxane with a really small molecular structure to allows a deeper penetration.

  • Exceptional waterproofing – Penetrates deep within the concrete chemically reacting within the pores and capillaries creating a long lasting hydrophobic surface that beads water.

  • Resist staining from grease & food exposure – Makes oil and grease easier to clean and remove from treated surfaces decreasing maintenance requirement resistance.

  • 100% breathable – Non-film forming. Allows moisture within the concrete to escape without adverse effects to the sealer. Does not trap moisture.

  • Increases abrasion resistance – Reduces concrete dusting. Provides ease of maintenance, resist ASR / Alkali attack.

  • Protects against chloride & ion penetration – Forms an effective chloride screen dramatically reducing chloride ion ingress preventing deicing salt / chloride damage.

  • Resist oxidization – Inhibits rust and corrosion of rebar in reinforced concrete by limiting substrates water absorption.

  • Stops moisture intrusion – Resists wind-driven rain, spalling, pitting and cracking.

  • Resist atmospheric staining – Resists mold, mildew and efflorescence.

  • Improves durability – Prevents capillary uptake of water and the aggressive substances dissolved in it.

  • Natural flat finish  – Does not change surface appearance, UV stable, will not break down with light exposure.

  • Can be applied to cured, honed and polished concrete – Ideal for horizontal surfaces exposed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic or for verticale structures.

  • Leading 10 year warranty – The product will never delaminates, never diffuses, peel or flakes will not discolor yellow or degrade from UV light exposure.

  • Excellent penetration depth into any concrete, brick or masonry substrate.



Slight yellowish tint (dries clear).


4L, 20L or 200L drums


100g/L maximum

Flash Point

109° F (43° C)

Specific Gravity

0.74 Density - 6.1 lb/4L


16-24 S/M* *Depend on the porosity of the surface


Slight yellowish tint (dries clear).


4L, 20L or 200L drums


100g/L maximum

Flash Point

109° F (43° C)

Specific Gravity

0.74 Density - 6.1 lb/4L


16-24 S/M* *Depend on the porosity of the surface



ASTM E 303
Standard test method for measuring surface friction (BPT).

ASTM D 6532
Standard test method for evaluation of clear water repellents on water absorption in concrete.

ASTM D 6490
Standard test method for water vapor transmission or non film forming agents

ASTM E 514
Standard test method for water penetration and leakage through masonry

ASTM D 6532
Standard test method for evaluation of clear water repellents on water absorption in concrete

Standard test method for density, absorption and voids in hardened concrete

Standard Test Method for Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed To Deicing Chemicals

CANADA DOT penetrating sealer, Type 1b

Series II-Cube test

Series II-Cube test

Series IV – Southern climate


Skid Resistance Troweled Concrete

Water Absorption, %

Water Vapor Transmission
WVT (grains/h/ft2)
Permeance (perms)

Water Penetration of Masonry,%
Reduction Dampness

Water Exclusion, %

Water Absorption, %
48 hours
50 days

Scaling resistance rating, non-air-
entrained concrete
100 cycles

Water Repellency After Heavy

Water Weight Gain, % Reduction

Absorbed Chloride, % Reduction

Absorbed Chloride, % Reduction








0-No scaling

88.6 (exceed criteria)




The only protection you will ever need in your concrete constructions


  • Interior // exterior concrete
  • Horizontal // vertical substrates
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Traffic-bearing concrete substrates
  • Bridge decks and substructures
  • Concrete ramps and barriers
  • Parking garages
  • Stadiums and buildings
  • Concrete driveways, loading docks, public
  • sidewalks and garages
  • Roofs
  • Plazas
  • Concrete
  • Brick and Mansory
  • Stucco
  • CMU
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Pavers


1. New Construction

New “green” concrete must be properly cured. Concrete should obtain 80% of design strength, typically achieved within 14-28 days.

2. Clean

The concrete substrate must be structurally sound and clean of oil, grease, dirt, wax, curing compounds, efflorescence, paints, previous sealers, adhesives and other contaminants that might interfere with the penetration of the sealer.

Power wash, acid etch or mechanically scarify as necessary to achieve the desired surface condition. Allow for proper dry time before application. May be applied to slightly damp surfaces, although maximum penetration is achieved on dry, substrates. Do not apply if standing water is visible.

3. Installation Temperature

Surface and air temperatures must be at least 1°C during application. Surface ,and air temperatures should not exceed 35 °C. Do not apply when rain is expected within 12 hours following application. Do not apply during inclement weather or when inclement weather is expected within 12 hours.

4. Reparations

Crack, patching and expansion joint sealants can be applied before or after application; always test for compatibility and adhesion.

5. Protection

Protect people, property, vehicles, window glass, roofing materials, plastic products, shrubbery, landscaping and all surfaces not set for treatment from overspray.


1. Do a test

Always test a small area before application to ensure desired performance, aesthetics, coverage rates and to verify application technique. Let test area dry thoroughly, 5-7 days, before inspection.

2. Stir

Stir material thoroughly before and during application. Do not dilute or alter material for purposes other than specified.

3. How to apply

Apply with a roller, brush or low-pressure non- atomizing sprayer. Apply to saturation and roll or broom out any puddles until the sealer penetrates the substrate. If it starts to rain, stop treatment and cover the impregnated areas

4. Dry time

Typical drying time is 4-6 hours at 25°C and 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures or higher relative humidity can extend the drying time. Treated surfaces will be ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

Water repellency will continue to develop within 7 days of application.

5. Clean Up

Clean equipment, tools and surfaces with xylene. Unused or old material may be disposed of in a waste disposal site in accordance with your laws.

6. Precautions/Safety

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing, do not take internally. Use appropriate safety equipment during application and handling.


  • Proper application is the responsibility of the user.
  • Will not inhibit water penetration through unsound or cracked surfaces with defective flashing, caulking or structural waterproofing.
  • Spills should not be allowed to sit for extended periods of time, clean all spills in a timely manner.
  • Should not get into direct contact with bitumen.
  • Take caution with specially coated glass. Test small areas before application to ensure the product does not discolor the coating. Plastic windows will turn opaque when sprayed with this product.
  • Make sure the most current versions of technical data sheets are being used.


18-22 square meter per 4L.

190-240 square feet per 1.05 Gallons.

Variations in texture and porosity of substrate will affect the coverage and performance of the product.

See if you can qualify now! Checking eligibility will not affect your credit score!

0% financing options are available to those who qualify!

Millions of nanoparticles. A formidable technology.

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